Analysis and Characterisation of the Biological Effects

Test Aerosols

CULTEX® exposure modules offer the possibility to investigate different kind of mostly unchanged atmospheres like

  • Gaseous and volatile compounds
  • Complex mixtures like cigarette smoke or diesel exhaust
  • Particles


Cells grown on microporous membranes are exposed directly to the aerosol without any modifications under specific exposure conditions. Then cells can be analyzed for several endpoints including toxicity and genotoxicity.


  • Histological sections of cell cultures
  • Hematoxylin stain
  • Immunhistochemical stains
  • Fluorescence stains


  • DNA content
  • Protein content
  • Metabolic activity
  • Membrane integrity
  • Energy status of the cell
  • Oxidative stress
  • Enzyme activities
  • Interleukin secretion


  • Determination of DNA damage and repair
  • Determination of mutagenic events

Besides mammalian cells, bacteria can also be exposed at the air-agar interface to native gaseous or complex atmospheres like cigarette smoke. The Ames assay was adapted to study the mutagenic capacity of such complex test atmospheres or their gas vapor phase in specially designed CULTEX® modules. The Ames assay, generally accepted by regulatory authorities, can also be used to study the mutagenic potency of airborne materials with our methodology.

Individual endpoints can be developed depending on the chemical and physical properties of the test substance.

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