Exposure Systems

The original linear CULTEX® glass modules, developed and patented in 1999, have been replaced by our CULTEX® RFS modules due to our ever-expanding scientific knowledge and experimental experience. This new generation of modules is characterised by a higher stability, reproducibility and robustness concerning the deposition and homogenous disposition of particles on the cell cultures.

Especially in the field of inhalation toxicology, the cultivation and exposure of cells of the respiratory tract should reflect the in vivo situation by means of a direct contact between the bronchial epithelial cells and the ambient atmosphere. Accordingly, the aerosol compounds can interact immediately with the cells initiating their biological effect. Such an exposure strategy at the air-liquid interface (ALI) simulates best the hazardous potency of airborne material.

Taking into consideration these claims and our experimental experience, we developed special ALI exposure systems for adherent growing cells guaranteeing a stable and homogenous exposure procedure to produce reproducible data. Today we can offer a product range composed of different types of exposure modules from compact to high precision exposure modules for all kind of atmospheres.



    Radial Flow System for direct cell exposure

    Modular precision equipment for the direct exposure of cultivated mono- and co-cultures such as bacteria (Ames Assay) at the air-liquid interface.

  • CULTEX® RFS Compact

    CULTEX® RFS Compact

    Compact version of the Radial Flow System

    Exposure module designed for analysing the biological effects of the test atmosphere on cells with or without negative control at the same time



    Electrostatic Deposition Device for particles

    The perfect addition to the CULTEX® RFS (Compact). This device offers efficient deposition of particles without interfering with the cell maintenance.



    Dust Generator based on the Dust Feeder according to Wright (1950)

    The CULTEX® DG is able to provide uniform airborne concentrations of dust for long periods of time.



    Hydraulic Press for an accurate compression of dry powders

    Especially designed for in vitro exposure systems, the CULTEX® DG is able to provide uniform airborne concentrations of dust for long periods of time.

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