Full Service Spectrum Included

Cultex® Laboratories GmbH offers clients professional consultation and planning support in projects focusing on the identification and characterization of the effects of harmful substances with inhalational pathways by using tailored in vitro techniques.

Taking a collaborative approach, we address solutions to test the cytotoxic and genotoxic potential of airborne substances under laboratory conditions as well as in environmental and work areas using exposure techniques at the air-liquid interface (ALI) and cells of the human respiratory tract.

Our research and development activities, also in conjunction with our extensive experience and knowledge of over 30 years means that we are continuously extending the spectrum of testable substances with inhalational effects, such as chemicals, volatile compounds, complex mixtures or particles. We offer state-of-the art advice on that which is technically feasible.

We are represented at national and international conferences, workshops and fairs. These events are an excellent first-hand source of information about our latest research results and technologies. They provide an opportunity for us to consider your problems together with you and to discuss ongoing developments within in vitro toxicology.

Contract Research

The development of our exposure and cultivation equipment is based on our daily research activities. We offer scientific and development contracts for the industry including planning and execution of projects in the field of inhalation toxicology.

Design and Manufacture

Our service scope has the following core activities:

  • Development of new equipment configured to customer requirements
  • Concept and design using state-of-the-art CAD systems (computer aided design) and FEM simulation technologies (finite element method) in cooperation with our engineering office in Switzerland (Halter Engineering GmbH)
  • Manufacture of all specified components from stainless steel, boron silicate glass or engineering plastics in collaboration with our manufacturing partner in Germany (ASKEA Feinmechanik GmbH).
  • Concurrent development of control software

ASKEA GmbH             Halter Engineering GmbH

Development for Your Needs

Cultex® Laboratories GmbH offers their customers from industry, research and governmental institutes exclusively designed culture and exposure systems for in vitro studies of gases as well as particulate and complex atmospheres. The original CULTEX® glass modules, developed and patented in 1999, have been refined continuously, keeping pace with our ever-expanding scientific knowledge and experimental experience. They were replaced by our CULTEX® RFS, combining all possibilities of the previous generations of exposure modules with regard to maintaining cell viability under direct cell exposure conditions by static or continuous medium supply, a stable temperature within the unit and individual continuous and homogeneous exposure of three insert positions.
This technology opens up new possibilities for the analysis of the biological effects and mechanisms of airborne substances such as gases, volatile compounds, particulate atmospheres as well as complex mixtures. These studies can be run not only under laboratory, but also under outdoor and workplace conditions.

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