Application-Oriented Research Ensures Superior Quality

In the field of long-term cell culture as well as in the area of in vitro toxicology and cytotoxicity research at the air-liquid interface, Cultex® Laboratories GmbH has played a leading role for many years.

Founded in 2007, the company has its headquarters in the prestigious Medical Park Hannover in northern Germany. The location, in close proximity to major companies and institutions for medicine and technology, ensures close links with numerous interdisciplinary research networks.

Translating experience into practice

Cultex® has many years of laboratory experience in the field of exposure and cultivation of cell-based systems. Both in-house research as well as contract research is conducted in the company’s own in vitro research laboratory. Because of this unique practical knowledge, Cultex® has developed technically outstanding and continuously optimized systems and solutions for clients’ application practices across diverse industries all over the world.

Individual, Flexible, Modular

No two projects are alike. That’s why Cultex® offers substance-specific system solutions specifically attuned to the particular application, process and project. Requirements can be subject to change. Therefore, Cultex® solutions can easily be modified, complemented, extended or scaled at any time throughout the entire project duration.

This is because most Cultex® systems are modular in design and can be flexibly combined with a variety of other components.

This ensures increased planning and investment certainty at the highest technical level with simultaneous optimum economic viability.

Your Contact

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michaela Aufderheide

Managing Director
Direct dial:
+ 49 511 56 35 86 111

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