Cultex® – the world’s first choice for in vitro toxicology and cytotoxicity research at the air-liquid interface

As far as in vitro toxicology at the air-liquid interface (ALI) and cell cultivation is concerned, more and more customers worldwide are opting for the superior Cultex® technologies from Germany: companies from a wide range of sectors, public and private research institutions, universities, environmental organizations and other NGOs.

For good reason: product solutions from Cultex® ensure reliable, consistently reproducible results in the analysis and study of complex gases / gas mixtures, atmospheres and nanoparticle mixtures.

Cultex® systems are characterized by extremely precise manufacturing processes using high-quality materials and components. They are internationally recognized as the gold standard for the realistic simulation of atmospheric conditions (indoor and outdoor).

The Cultex® Advantage for our Customers

For more than twenty years, the name Cultex® has stood for extensive application-oriented research and technological advancement. Twenty-four international patents for linear and radial in vitro exposure systems emphasize the Cultex® expertise as a world-class solution provider.

The Cultex® specialists’ expertise, practical experience and research know-how allow flexible process and project solutions, benefitting Cultex® customers all over the world – from the tendering to process design through to the concept and implementation of complex projects such as substance and atmosphere-specific system configurations.

First Choice for Exposure Solutions: CULTEX® RFS

The CULTEX® RFS is the world’s first radial flow system for cell-based exposure. This further development, based on the patented CULTEX® linear glass modules, sets new standards for the constant and controlled flow of particles and ensures reliable, reproducible and consistent results in the investigation of complex gas and nanoparticle mixtures by the patented radial arrangement of the inserts.

In combination with other Cultex® system solutions, the CULTEX® RFS enables the realization of demanding project environments for conclusive results.

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First Choice for Cultivation Solutions: CULTEX® LTC-C

The CULTEX® LTC-C (Long-Term Cultivation – Continuous) was designed to automatically supply cell cultures with medium at different time intervals over longer periods of time (weeks). The fully automated CULTEX® LTC-C requires less manual work compared with standard cell culture techniques, saves manpower and removes the individual influence of the worker.

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